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Healthy body. Positive mind. Happy life.

Too true :(

:’( waaah

This is still only the second month of my weight loss journey and I’ve already lost 4.1kg (9lbs). I log my weight on the 1st of the month, with the odd peek here and there throughout the month, and I’ve (for the most part) always weighed less than the last time I checked…

But I feel like I should be losing it faster, see more of a difference…etc. I’m getting really down on myself about it. I try to go to the gym 5 times a week but this week I’ve only been 3 times and my food intake has been awful this week.

Any words of advice/encouragement??

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YES! Made it to the gym today, despite all the rain and wind down by the seafront.

And so glad I did! Had a great sesh :) Did an hour on the cross trainer, 10 mins forward 5 mins back x 4, I like doing it that way as it breaks it up into 4 chunks and makes it a bit more bearable and it keeps the legs guessing. I burnt 645 calories with that so I’m chuffed.

After that hour, I did a combo of 20 x jumping jacks, 10 x two arm tricep extensions (5kg), 15 x barbell bicep curl (8kg)… All of that 3 times. Then I spend an hour on various weight machines, trying to do 5x20 reps on each machine.

Definitely felt great walking out of the gym knowing I’d done well… Until I walked pack someone in their car picking their nose ¬_¬

pizzafuelledduathlete Asked:
I put spring onions (scallions) in my eggs it tastes so so good :D xxxx

My answer:

I thought so! I’ll give that a go, looks tasty :)



Even at times when I feel like a walrus… I have no excuse.

I’ve been looking for some trainers for my fiance for his football practice and gym sessions as he’s been wearing really flimsy trainers that offer no suport. But as always, I’ve seen these badboys and I really want them for myself.

Maybe we can both get some snazzy new shoes :)

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The choc/banana/PB ice cream came out ok… A little sickly though. If I make it again I’ll definitely be added the cocoa as I go until I get the right taste.

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Just made the peanut butter, cocoa and banana icecream… Let’s wait an hour and find out if the recipe’s a keeper.



3 ingredient peanut butter cup vegan ice cream!

So EASY you can probably find these ingredients in your pantry RIGHT NOW! :)

- 1 Banana

-3 tbsp Cocoa Powder 

- 2 tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter

Blend Banana in blender until smooth, slowly add in cocoa, then add in Peanut Butter, Freeze for one hour or until desired consistency.

VIOLA! Delicious ice cream!

And according to MFP, the whole serving is about 320 calories.

I NEED to make this! Can’t wait to get a blender when I move into my new flat in 3 weeks time :)

tumblrbot Asked:

My answer:

Probably scissors… I couldn’t live without them. Cooking, sewing, crafts! They’re my best friend.

Hey guys!

So this is my first post of hopefully many.

On this page I will post my triumphs, mistakes, great days and bad days.

I WILL reach my goal. This is the new me.


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This year has been tough for me. I've gained a lot of weight and had some mental health issues to deal with. I've set up this blog to chart my progress as I try to live a more healthy life.

Height - 164cm

HW - 215lb (June '12)
CW - 208lb (July '12)
UGW - 145lb

It's going to be a very long journey... But I am ready!

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